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You need to eat here : Rajasthani foods that must be tried

Rajasthani Foods is primarily influenced by the ingredients like ghee, stong spices, gramflour, bajra, makai etc. Dishes you need to try

1. Dal Bati Churma – 

This meal is a renowned part of every rajasthani household. It consists of dal, baati and churma. Rajasthani trip is always incomplete without trying this traditional combination, it is atypical rajasthani foods with a combination of sweet and savory dish. It is mainly made of wheat flour shaped like momos , dal is made up of lentils with some spicy tadka and churma is a sweet mixture of ghee and sugar.


2. Laal Mass –

This rajasthani food is a treat for non-vegetarian food lovers. It is prepared in yougurt, sauses and hot spices. It is the spiciest yet tastiest mutton dish to have when you next time visit rajasthan.




3. Mirchi Bada – 

It is a spicy rajasthani snack and can be devor in morning with a cup of tea or in evening, filling is of green chillies and mashed potatoes which are then stuffed in bread . It is a spicy yet dilicious rajasthani food to try.



4. Pyaz Ki Kachori –


 Don’t leave rajasthan without trying these, pyaz ki kachoris are popular food of pink city also known as jaipur. These crispy kachoris have stuffing of fried potatoes and onion fillings  and are served with spicy chutney.



5. Gatte Ki Sabzi –

 It is a gratification from rajasthan, it is basically gram flour which is shaped in momos dipped in spicy curd gravy, which can then be eaten with roti or naan. This heavenly bliss is full of hot and spicy flavors of our rajasthani culture.




6. Masala chaas –

 Also known as buttermilk is an entangled part of Rajasthani cuisine.It is an perfect summer drink. It is a must have in the dessert climate and extreme weather conditions of the state. Masala Chaas is a tasty drink, usually taken with/after breakfasts and lunches. The drink is also independent of main course and is a boon for sweaty summers, it is basilly routed in rajasthani culture.


7. Ghevar

The very mention of Ghevar lights up the eyes of countless sweet-lovers. This crispy charm is a heaven for people with a sweet tooth. Available in various forms and shapes, Ghevar can capably be called one of the peak dishes of Rajasthani food.



8. Churma ladoo

Churma Ladoo is a famous Rajasthani dish and is also well liked in Gujarat. it is a blend of wheat flour, jaggery and desi ghee makes up this mouth watering dish. Decorate it with few poppy seeds, and there you go! Most popularly made during the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Churma Ladoo is also a must dessert for every rajasthani cuisine.



9. Boondi Ka Rayata

Every Rajasthani cuisine demands a balance due to its intensity in flavours and spices. So instead of reaching out for a sip of water every time, have a spoon full of the reviving Boondi Rayata. A delicious, healthy blend of small spicy gram flour balls called Boondi, soaked in the richness of yoghurt can be seasoned with coriender and fresh mint gives a cooling effect and  will make you delight all the Rajasthani dishes on another level! It is served cold as a side dish with all the rajsthani cuisine.




Reasons to visit rajasthan this season

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